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CompleteMore Online
CompleteMore Online provides businesses and professionals with essential web management tools for authoring content, managing disclosures, publishing communications, and managing customer and employee relationships. Unlike social networks, a CompleteMore website is your own. Engage your clients in a non-compete environment to maximize your marketing potential.
CompleteMore Online Professional

Free subdomain name
Included with your sign-up is a free web address of your choice, as a subdomain to the domain.
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Premium Domain Name
Use your own custom domain name. Don't worry, your free CompleteMore domain name will continue to work.
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Web Page Link Creator
The links management tool provides easy access for creating and managing the look and feel of your individual web pages:
Create custom link addresses.
Import Google AdWord tracking.
Set dates for automated visibility.
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Web Page Link Form Creator
Turn any Web page into a form to capture input directly from your site visitors.
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Web Page Design Access
Unlike our competitors, we give you direct and full access to editing the HTML and CSS behind your individual web pages.
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Web Site Template Creator
Take control and create multiple global-designs that you can apply across your entire website at any time. Great for seasonal changes or just for switching things up. You can always go back to a previous design.
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CSS Style Sheet Editor
Advanced users will enjoy our Web site design tools for managing global design settings.
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jQuery and Javascript Editor
Advanced access to jQuery and behind the scenes scripting for taking even greater control over your site's visitor experience:
Use code to manipulate your pages.
Animate Web page elements.
Incorporate event handling and triggers.
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Category Management
The category management tool helps you combine and sort your content and links by shared characteristics. Categories are applied in several areas of your Web site to make navigation a breeze.
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News Publishing Management
Start by creating a dedicated News link within your Web links management tool. Easily create news articles that are conveniently listed by category and sorted by date published. CompleteMore Communications allows you to pre-select a date so that your Web site will display the news article at a time of your choosing.
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FAQ List Management
Use the FAQ feature by marking your existing Web pages as FAQ items. The FAQ items are listed by category. With access to jQuery, you can apply animations to customize how your question's response is displayed.
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Events Calendar Management
Mark an existing Web page as a calendar event. Calendar events are automatically displayed on your dedicated Events Web page by category. A calendar widget control is placed on events pages so that your site visitors can select to view events listed by date.
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Social Media Connections
The social media setup module allows you to display a social network access bar on your Web site so that your site visitors can quickly link to access your social profiles.
Twitter follower and unfollower management.
Build links for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter,
Google Plus, FourSquare, Pinterest.
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CompleteMore Projects
CompleteMore Projects allows professionals to create and manage the details of enterprise wide projects. Use CompleteMore Projects to:
Maintain project documentation.
Create and manage tasks.
Collaborate with project team members.

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Mobile Web Site
Your CompleteMore Website will automatically adjust to display a mobile or desktop version depending on the devices or screen sizes of your website visitors.
Access to advanced mobile styler.
Switch between mobile and desktop versions.
Mobile theme development.

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CompleteMore Cloud Drive
Upload your files and easily access content wherever you have access to the internet by using a web browser from your computer or from your mobile device. The Web page management tool lets you embed your uploaded images within Web pages or create file download links that can be accessed by site visitors.
Quick file upload and access features.
Password protect any file.
Upload over 50 file types including:
PDF, JPG, PNG, HTML, DOCX, and more.
Apps for Windows and Mac coming soon.
Version control switching coming soon.
Link to files from within your Web pages.

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CompleteMore Online Ordering
CompleteMore Online Ordering lets you create, manage, and sell products and services on your Web site.
Inventory management.
Display products or services by category.
Per product photo gallery.
Options selectable by photo.
Receive purchase notifications.
Credit card processing add-on available.
  Included Included Included  
Email Marketing Campaigns Management
CompleteMore Communications allows you to configure an unlimited number of email marketing campaigns. Easily create and manage lists of contacts and email drafts.
Create reusable HTML email templates and
setup unlimited email campaigns.
Secure approval ensures timely delivery.
Insights delivery report included and
advanced Analytics package is available.
  Included Included Included  
Active Policy Documentation and Management for Handbooks and Manuals
CompleteMore Communications enables clients to easily maintain dissimination of manuals for regulatory requirements.
    Included Included  
Human Resource Management (HRMS)
CompleteMore Resources allows you to manage employee data. With security built-in you can mark web pages as "intranet view" to give your employees access to non-public content.
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Microsoft Office 365 Support
SharePoint Online
OneDrive for Business
Yammer for Business Social Network
*Requires Office 365 Business Premium
As a Microsoft Partner and Authorized Cloud Subscription Advisor, we will develop the initial process maps for configuring and optimizing your cloud environment:
Use SharePoint to engage employees.
Gather and share files and ideas.
Reinvent the way you work together.
Includes 8 users.
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IT-Level Web Support
Chat with a specialist to discuss or resolve technical issues between the peak hours of
8am-4pm EST Monday through Friday
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IT-Level Phone Support
Speak directly with a specialist to resolve technical issues between the peak hours of
8am-4pm EST Monday through Friday
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IT-Level 24/7 Phone Support
Speak directly with a service engineer
Sunday through Saturday from 12am-11:59pm
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IT-Level 24/7 Remote Support
Our engineers can troubleshoot or connect directly to show you how to access or modify your CompleteMore tools and settings.
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